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3079 is a blocky action RPG that is based on a planet engaged in constant, unending war ... a war that you have been sent to stop.n da certo namcan perform many actions, such as buying and upgrading weapons and aess permutations of enemies alone or alongside allied creatures, along with abit of mining and building. Random terrain provides a new experience every time, with the terrain generator also creating buildings, including friendly and enemy bases, vendors, and fortifications. The further you explore, the higher the difficulty... but with the higher difficulty comes greater rewards.

Get the demo for free , or get the full version for $12.99 AUD/USD (€9,49 - 9,99 EUR),(£7.78 British pounds), available direct from the author, and also through the gaming distribution service Desura, GamersGate,BMT micro and eventually Steam.

For more information, you can also refer to the wiki guide or the game guide on the official site .

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-Indie Test Drive: 3079 - Part 1 By paulsoaresjr

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